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Welcome to The Tranquil Organizer!

Enjoying a little quiet in the Cinque Terre, Italy

Enjoying a little quiet in the Cinque Terre, Italy

As a professional organizer and owner of Organized Tranquility  ( I work with a lot of people who feel STRESSED OUT!. My clients include folks from all walks of life: overwhelmed moms, busy seniors, exhausted small business owners, burnt-out kids, and folks in life transition. The one thing they all share in common? They wish they had more time and a shorter To Do list. Many of them want to be happier and more productive, so that they can spend time doing the things that really matter to them in life – guilt-free.

I learned early on that organizing is one part clutter, one part emotion, and one part time-management. If it were simply about “the stuff,” one spring cleaning would solve the problem. But it’s deeper, more complex than that.

So bring your sense of humor and an open mind. Imagine calm and relaxation replacing chaos and anxiety. It’s time to organize your way to your best life! Let’s get started…


3 Responses to “Welcome to The Tranquil Organizer!”

  1. Cassandra Rae Says:

    Oh your new blog is so pretty! I love it. I also love how you break down organizing into 3 clear parts. It makes it all seem so much more manageable.

  2. Gingee Says:

    Dr. Tranquil! Congrats on the launch of your blog. I am now unpacking my office and would love your thoughts on managing PAPER and BOOKS. You know how we professional girls collect a lot of paper over the years: financial records, research and drafts of manuscripts, job records, sentimental stuff (e.g., letters to Iraq). Arrk! And what about all these books?! Many are professional — not novels — and good finds/references. But bookshelf space is finite. Help :)

  3. Linda Plutynski Says:

    Great to see your inspiration. I am now motivated to start the project that has been waiting. Linda

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