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Picture Perfect

Monday, January 17th, 2011

If you’re anything like me, it’s very possible that you’ve taken hundreds if not thousands of photos during the holiday season. I think I heard my camera’s memory card cry out in exhaustion, “No more photos!”

The good news?  In the digital age, it’s relatively easy to store and select photos, without having to consume any physical space.

A few easy tips will ensure your photo memories don’t become digital nightmares:

  1. Don’t procrastinate organizing your digital photos.  That’s a sure way to turn something fun into “work.”  The more time that passes, and the more photos that remain to be organized, the more you will feel pressured and avoid the very thing you created.
  2. Create a consistent organizing system on your computer for your photos.  I like to put my photos in folders labeled by month and year.   Within that, I create folders or “albums” based on events, topics, etc.  Whatever system you choose, it should enable you to clearly and quickly find your photos.
  3. Choose a reliable way to safeguard your digital photos.  Consider choosing a laptop with 2 hard-drives.  Or back your photos up to a flash stick or CDs and store in a safety deposit box or fire-proof safe.  My favorite method?  Upload them to a free online photo storage website like Picasa or ShutterflyShutterfly, for example, offers unlimited online photo storage space and a guarantee that they will never delete any of your photos.  By uploading your pics to cyberspace, you avoid losing them if a hard-drive crashes.  And, you’re one step closer to organizng them and sharing them with others, which is half the fun!
  4. Share your photos on-line via social media sites like Facebook, your blog (if you have one), or a photo-sharing site like Picasa.   Save the time, hassle, and cost of printing and mailing photos, and reach more of your friends and family in the process