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Making the Most of Your Time

Most people tell me they feel like they have too much stuff, too many commitments, and not enough time.  I can relate.  When you have your own business, a husband, a two-year-old, and any kind of life, it’s hard to find enough time in the day to get things done.  Throw ADHD into the mix just for kicks and time management is a life-preserver.  Without it, I tend to float aimlessly, spending time on whatever is swept in front of me by the tides.  Being organized isn’t  about being perfect or having tremendous internal discipline.  It’s about being honest about who and how you are, so you can develop strategies that get you to where you want to go.

Here are my 4 fool-proof tips for managing your time (and your life) better!

  1. Always over-estimate the amount of time it will take you to do something.  It’s better to have time to kill than no time to spare.  Bring your reading, mail, or smart phone with you in case you have extra time.  What a luxury!
  2. Forget multitasking.  The research is in and it shows that people who multitask do each task more poorly than if they had focused on each individually.  The old wisdom is true.  You can only do one thing at a time, at least if you want to do it well.
  3. Keep only one calendar (whether it’s a paper calendar or on your computer and/or phone).  Otherwise, you risk forgetting commitments and double-booking yourself.
  4. Write a simple to-do list every day.  Yes, a post-it note is fine.  It may only contain 3 items.  In fact, often it SHOULD only contain 3 items.  It should be a short, current list of the things you need/want to get done that day.  It’s your accountability partner.  Leave it somewhere you can check in with it through-out the day.  Not only will you feel more on top of your tasks, you’ll find you are making real progress toward your goals.

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  1. Martha Kegerise Says:

    Great article. Especially #1. Thinks happen beyond your control. In order to manage time, you need to truly allow the realistic time necessary. If you have an appointment, count the time getting ready before you walk out the door, travel time including heavy traffic or train delay etc. and when you arrive, parking and walking to your destination.

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