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Got clutter? Here’s where to get rid of it!

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

The path to clutter is paved with good intentions, or so sometimes it seems.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who starts a project but struggles to bring it to completion.

In fact, my clients tell me all the time how challenging follow-through can be. In quieter voices they tell me how ashamed they are about it.

Often, it only takes a little more time, information, or energy to finish what’s been started but something holds us back.  A common practical issue I come across is that many people simply don’t know where to donate or recycle certain things, yet feel obliged to store them until they do.

So this blog post  is dedicated to sharing 2 great resources that will help you get rid of the lingering clutter and allow you to finally check those items off your To Do list.


When my son turned 2-years-old we bought him some fish (we named them “the 6 Henrys”) as a present at our local Petco.  Many trips back to Petco to ask about everything from aquarium rocks to obtaining replacement Henrys (sigh), resulted in us noticing a large bin at the front of the store for donations for animals.

The Petco Foundation accepts donations of animal food, supplies, and related items at most Petco stores.  All you have to do is bring your donations and drop them in the bin – easy breezy.  What a nice way to create more space in your house and help support animal health and safety in the process.  The Petco Foundation also has programs for accepting old cell phones, as well as cars, boats, and even planes!


Best Buy just might also be the Best Recycler.  Every single Best Buy location accepts electronic recycling.  They safely dispose of TVs, DVD players, computer monitors, cell phones, all those pesky cable wires, and more, no matter where originally purchased.  And they do most of it for free.  So liberate your kitchen counters, garages, junk drawers, bedrooms (gasp), and other rooms of that ugly electronic recycling you’ve been diligently storing for too long.  And tell your friends.  Trust me.  They’ll thank you!